Leslie Hagen

Leslie Hagen

Aloha! I Live on the beautiful Island of Kauai in Hawaii.  A place full of tropical lushness and inspiration, lucky me!  If you should find yourself here be sure to stop by my studio/gallery for a visit.

My favorite thing is making sculptures and masks. Especially if they cause a giggle. Whimsical, funny, humorous, thought provoking and sometimes bizarre would be appropriate words to describe my work. In between sculptures and masks I hop on the wheel and get lost in a spinning world. All the pieces in my Etsy shop ( click on the panel to the right that’s titled Uturn’s creations for sale) have been hand sculpted, wheel thrown or a combination of both by me. All one of a kind. They are bisque fired and then glazed fired to cone 6. All the functional pieces are food safe. They can also go in the oven or microwave with care. And they can even go in the dishwasher, but like most things will last longer if hand washed. Receive updates from my Etsy shop RSS feed: http://www.etsy.com/rss_shop.php?user_id=6113547

Member of the Kauai Society of Artists  ( http://www.art-ksa.com/ ) and Women Artists of Kauai ( http://www.womenartistsofkauai.blogspot.com/ ).

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  1. hi Leslie—been a long time—i was with Tom and Kerry and Leif for dinner at the Running Iron and your name came up-i now am a photographer after cancer took my voice-your work looks great !-glad you get to create-and you look the same as if age has passed you by-time for the horse—aloha

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Leslie! I discovered your masks this morning and had great fun perusing the images. I love your masks and sense a kindred, whimsical spirit. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Phyllis Meighen says:

    Hi, Leslie!

    Thank you so much for bringing all your whimsical masks, cups, and other pieces to the WAK Fine Art Festival Saturday. I really appreciate your coming out on such an iffy day of weather. Fortunately, by God’s good grace, the worst of the storm bypassed us. We had a lovely day getting to know one another as you hosted the benefit for ReSource for Christian Spirituality. We did well, and the event was such a welcome relief from the disruptions of the previous days of preparation for whatever Ana might bring our way.

    I’m so glad I was able to purchase the bowl you had for sale. It’s now my favorite bowl
    for breakfast oatmeal and dinner salad. I’ll be thinking of you often as I enjoy it.
    …….Next time I’m going to be looking for the banana mask. It has my “name” on it 🙂

    Leslie, I don’t know how I failed to get your picture with your wares. I’m so sorry.
    I wanted to include it in the thank you that’s part of ReSource’s weekly electronic communication (We-Com). I found a photo of you on the internet that I’d like to use with your permission. Unfortunately, I’m under a tight deadline, so I’m afraid I’ll need to hear back from you by 10:00 am tomorrow morning.

    And is your last name Hagens or Hagen. I see it printed both ways.

    Blessings and joy as you share your whimsy,

    • Uturn says:

      So sorry Phyllis, I just now got your message. You are welcome to use whatever picture you like that’s on the internet.
      Last name is Hagen. It was a fun day!

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