My studio when it was first born.



Greenware and bisqueware

Greenware and bisque ware


where I take a break

The lounging station
Deck Gallery

Gallery on deck of studio

potters wheel

Throwing station
kitchen sink becomes clay sink


Inside gallery

This room use to be the bedroom in our rental. Now it's my gallery

Pottery surf board

I painted this old surf board

Glazing station

Glazing station

wedging and hand building

wedging and hand building

Gallery on Deck

gallery on the deck of my studio

Gallery on Deck of my studio

Gallery on Deck of my studio

4 Responses to My studio when it was first born.

  1. Wowers Les! You goin’ all super techie/official….love it and I just gave you another “procrastinateth not” merit badge. (Pin it next to the “Words fail me, but then I’m in right brain mode at the moment” one.) Your shop is well designed, and the shelves…..I have multiple shelf envy. Wishing you fun, success and fame with the birth of this great web site. XXXXXOOOOO,
    Teri (your loyal Orient, WA fan & mud slingin’ sistah)

  2. Leslie – your studio is inspiring and beautiful! What space and light…I’m envious 😀 No wonder u cre8 such beauty with all that you need at your fingertips – God bless! Dava/treasures from hawaii

  3. I have been in this studio and it is the most wonderful place in the world! I didn’t not want to leave, but wanted to jump in and make something fun like she does. Leslie, you are one of the most creative people I have ever met in my life and I am totally in-love with you “stuff”. Awesome! Everyone should have a piece of Leslie’s to make them smile in the morning when they first get up and start their day off right!

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